Your textile request is our demand. What do you need? We’ll find it for you. Digifair is a digital platform created to suit your needs in fabrics and materials according to your exact description.

It is the perfect tool for your textile sourcing on demand, an ongoing trade show, a service created to give the best for every fashion creation.With no minimum quantity required, we are here to empower fashion designers, stylists and textile suppliers from all over the world.Digifair is the most intelligent online solution for buyers and sellers of textile supplies, driven by safety and reliability. Our main goal is to make fabric trading easier and smarter.

Here buyers announce their needs and gather a range of possible suppliers from every part of the world.It is simple: buyers say what they want – specifying size, product type, color, and pattern – and our algorithm finds supplierso suit them.This system is set to empower fashion creatives, from beginners to experts, by allowing them to request and get exactly what they want.We are not a catalog, we are a free wish list made to provide you with quality, pricing, and easy delivery options.Let us take care of the complicated part so that you can focus on what really matters – designing your next fashion collection.

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