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Our free platform delivers a personal textile sourcing service by disrupting the logic of the market. Here you don’t order from a catalog of textile materials, but instead demand exactly what you need so that we can find the best supplier in the world for it.

This way you can get the price that best suits you, more transparently and safely, in a customer-driven process.

You’ve got the power, whether you are a small entrepreneur or a company owner, with no minimum order quantity. Our goal is to make your life easier so that you can focus on what you really love: your creations.

Here you can get quotes for your fabrics from the best suppliers and get the best cost-benefit, request samples to test for your creations, find out in advance what is new in trade shows around the world, and talk to suppliers who will be attending those events.

It means that our free online tools work as a worldwide showcase, an ongoing textile trade show, capable of boosting your networking without hurting your budget.

Digifair works hard to make the fashion chain more creative and inclusive, giving access and visibility to those who want to make a difference in this industry, but haven’t found a space or voice.